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The Recovery Version contains charts of important truths and
color maps of Old and New Testament lands.

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The Journeys of Paul Israel in Old Testament Times Chart of the Seventy Weeks and the Coming of Christ, with the Rapture of the Saints

Chart of God's New Testament Economy
In Ephesians 3:10 the apostle Paul speaks of God's economy (from the Greek word oikonomia), that is, God's plan for the accomplishment of His eternal purpose. The content of God's New Testament economy revolves around the person of the Triune God Himself. God's economy is His plan to dispense Himself as the Triune God—the Father, the Son, and the Spirit—into all His chosen people. The twenty-seven books of the New Testament are a full revelation of this economy of the Triune God, who has passed through a marvelous process so that the believers may receive and enjoy Him. The Recovery Version New Testament contains a color chart that emphasizes the actions of our Triune God in the three major sections of the New Testament—the Gospels, Acts through Jude, and Revelation—for the accomplishment of His economy.

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